I demand hord-ahr !

We all know of way more important things going on re: sexism, harassment and broader expressions of dorkery in the gaming industry and culture, but I'm gonna natter lexicon instead, because it won't drive me to a lengthy, foamy rant (can't be arsed, today) :
When did 'chauvinism' (without the 'male' qualifier) become the default and preferred synonym for 'phallocracy', as opposed to its proper meaning of 'exacerbated patriotism/jingoism' ?
I get how anything with an -ism attached instantly sounds prejudiced and therefore becomes more suitable to dissing purposes, but 
  1.  it's confusing two distinct (if often coincident) prejudices, 
  2.  how could you pass on the opportunity to use 'phallocracy' instead, when it literally translates to 'rule of dick(s)'

Right ?

This isn't a picture about chauvinism.
Pic found via Ernest Adams, the beautiful beardy feminazi…

…all that, assuming it's acceptable to call someone a dick when he/she/it's being an ass, and there isn't a minority rights group somewhere to object to the misrepresentation of 'dicks' as anything but superiorly endowed in the cognitive department — I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's in their tender bits, of course.