This place is the armchair designer drawing board.

It is not an artsy (of the eye-gouging school) book of prophecies, nor the feverish questing for absolute truth of a nerd groping at pseudoscience to reassure himself making games is grownup stuff after all, nor a lot of other things...

It is the semi-honest, barely edited, account of a journey through a world of thoughts, written in perfectly broken English.

This journey, and the relation thereof, have no clear beginning nor end, little periodicity or schedule, and only a vague notion of direction, in that everything that happens and is told herein relates more or less to the weird, sticky, mildly sick and wildly confused art and craft of building game worlds.

As to why you, or anyone should or would want to read that, I have no definite, much less convincing, answer. It is intended as a personal notepad, for reference mostly, meant to get half-gelified ideas out of my system before they clog a pipe, or something.
...which is not to say it couldn't be your thing, maybe you'll enjoy parts of the reading, maybe it will click for you like it clicked for me at the time I wrote it.

Possibly you'll identify, find some echo of who you are, were, or may turn into, but there's no lesson here, no deep truth or all-encompassing theory of the world, nor of the self of the gamey world creator: only what you get when a freewheeling mind jolts down stuff so he can move on to a different ramble.

Because of all of the above, there will be a lot more first-person voice than is usual on pseudo-technical/academic/theory e-writing, for I speak unto thee, reader, from nay higher place than this non-ancient, unimpressive armchair, and do so only in my own name, wary that I am to find myself — or you — in bad company.

If you're new here, this is a recommended read.

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