Policy change: not.

I just removed the "adult content" flag from this blog, because that was getting in the way of sharing on G+, which I kinda dig as it still only reaches out to people who are presumably willing and able to read my ramblings more or less as intended.

This is a technical issue, not an editorial one, and I'll keep posting under the assumption some minimal and arbitrary thresholds in literacy and mental balance are met by the reader, despite the removal of the safety label from the box.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged, via email over comments field.
Extensive contributions shall be posted as comments or submitted via email first, at your discretion and best judgement.
In any case, your right to free speech and other weird notions that you may or may not misconstrue from your local legal system or culture are largely irrelevant to this space: you have the rest of the internet for that.

I'll try to turn this into a cover page with autoload for non-reg users at some point, if and when I get around to it.
Meanwhile, if in doubt about what to expect here: RTFM.

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